DMV Genie Permit Practice Test App Reviews

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I have been using this app and I really do feel like Im learning more easier and faster than reading the driving permit book .lets just hope I past my test .

App Works great!

Excellent application!


If you have to take a driving exam this is the best app hands down to prepare you for it. What I like about it is the different options you have to prepare you. Ive also found the tests are just like the real thing this is why this is "The" best way to prepare you for any driving exam next to reading the manual to the exam you will be taking. One of the best designed apps Ive ever used.


Amazing. Definitely helps calm a new driver.

Best app for passing permit

If youre lazy like me and doesnt have time to read the book this is a great helper ! Passed my permit with 94% all the test on here are almost identical to the real test . It took me one month to do it :)


Your app helped my pass my CA DMV EXAM. I just moved here and when I was told I would have to take the test again...I feared that dreaded book. I randomly found your app in the App Store and I was hooked on using it to learn! Well done!

Great little study guide.

Though it didnt have all of the exact questions for a CDL test, it was close enough and helped a lot.

Thanks you guys

Thanks so much. This app is the best app.


Im about to take my permit test and this is making studying so much easier and also fun (which I never expected). This way of studying way better than just using the book. Cant wait to ace my permit test.


I just passed my permit test !!! Thank you thank you so much !!


Really only used this app to pass the written test, never read the handbook, glad I got the app

Great app

This app helped me pass my drivers test simply and quickly. Watching my test grade go up over time made me feel better and give my confidence a boost. Now I can drive and I recommend this app to everyone trying to past their test


This app did not help me prepare at all for the written test. Go to the DMV website where they have practice tests that have questions that are actually on the exam

Super helpful

Very useful for taking DMV practice tests while mobile. I would recommend it quite highly. 10/10. On the other hand, I would like to be able to purchase an ad-free version. I would also love to see the implementation of pictures, charts, diagrams, and more detailed explanations.


Hesitant at first but turned out to be a great tool in addition to reading and studying the manual. Always study the manual first. Things are in there that are important to know and they may not test you on.

Use this to study

This app helped me pass my permit test


This app keeps crashing whenever I open it please fix it.

literally the best app ever

this app is so close to the actual test! thank you so much for this amazing app! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Awesome but one thing though

I have an iPhone 5s and I deleted the app to yo see if it would fix it. Although it doesnt crash anymore; it doesnt let me have the icon on the interface menu. I have to go to the AppStore and the only option is to open it from there. Ill try restarting my phone maybe thatll work.

Very good app!

This app is very helpful.

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